Knowing how to manage medication is important for our day to day life. Managing a patient with an abundance of medications requires plenty of time and patience. Whether it’s collecting medication from the pharmacy or storing it safely at home, medication needs to be supervised constantly. Tablets, liquids and other painkillers are vital if you’re looking after someone who relies on their medication as it gets them through the day.

Senior Solutions referred RNs or LPNs can take the pressure off the family member or friend who spends hours with doctors or the pharmacist receiving medication before it runs out.

Based on you loved one’s schedule your LPN or RN will confer with the doctor and pharmacy, be sure all medications are up to date and refilled properly, fill the medication box and store in the home as directed by the family or client and administer medications as necessary. Your caregiver (CNA or HHA) is able to provide regular reminders for oral medications or injections and can assist with pre-measured medication and the monitoring of side effects or other medical issues.


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