Thanks so much for everything we are extremely happy with the caregivers this transition. We are so grateful for everything. My Mom is doing very good.


Debbie M.,

Thank you for taking such good care of our Mom. We appreciate your staff very much.

A. Family.,

Thank all of you who have to put up with this little old lady, who can’t even drive a car any more. Thank you all for being there for me, and helping to make these “earth days” a little more joyous. Birthday cards become more important when you start pushing 90. I plan to keep on bugging you for a long time so thanks again,
Much love,


I’m glad you were with us Friday for the positive report. Thank you for holding my hand.


When I describe you to other people (my co-workers, my parents, etc), I use words like, “Godsend”, Angel, and so on. You are all that and more, and I absolutely don’t know how we wouldve made it this far without you! Anyhow, I hope you use this for somethings fun with your gorgeous little “Hannah Banana”.
For all you do!

Nancy & Ron

Thank you so much for your care and kindness to our mother, Helen R. We know it wasn’t easy, yet the hoops you jumped through for her were done with style and grace. We will always appreciate everything you’ve done.

Marianne M. & Gene R.

Thanks so much for being so helpful to me in my time of need. Please thank the girls who came to care for my sister. They were great.



I am writing to tell you how happy I am about the wonderful care my sister, Mary K. is revieving from Sonia. Mary has advanced cancer and needs round the clock care and attention which Sonia delievers very effectievely. She is conscientions and kind to my sister which gives me pease of mind. Sonia is a very pleasant, knowlegable and professional pwerson who is doing an outstaning job in a very difficult situation. I am very pleased to have someone of her caliber caring for my sick sister.

William C.B.,

We wish to thank you for sending Shirley. She has been a great help to me with the laundry, household chores, but most especially, for her help with XXXXXXX.
Thank you very much.

Jean O.,

For over the past year, I have had a very comfortable feeling, knowing that you and your staff were taking such good care of my father, Bob. Once the best combination of caregivers was worked out with my dad, everything seemed to just click into place. He was so please to have your “girls” with him and that is what made his last year such a very good feeling, knowing there was a calm environment for him in his condo. Each staff person who had any involvement with him helped to make his wellbeing the best positive experience it could have been. I know it was especially difficult for Ann, Aubrey, Mary, and Sophia to be with him the last couple of weeks of his life, to watch him declining in health. But they were so important in making him “at home” when he would open his eyes, or hear their familiar voices. Knowing that they were there


All of you have been so nice in such a thoughtful way. It’s hard to find a way to thank each one of you today. But hopefully, this special card will show, at least in part, the many warm and grateful thoughts this brings straight from the heart.
We can’t thank you enough for the professional as well as compassionate care you gave Mom and our family during her illness. She loved all her caregivers. We have the highest praise for your service of the family, with him, and me as well. Please know how extremely grateful I am that each and every one of Senior Solutions was such a vitally important part of his last months. I appreciated all they did for him, more than you can imagine, and that helped me to cope during this difficult time.
With sincere appreciation,


May the world always be as beautiful for you as you make it for others! Thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and love. They have helped so much and to know to have such wonderful people to help me through my pain. My love and thanks to each of you and your families.
God bless you all,

Love Judi,

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you and your staff for all you did for my uncle over the years, and most especially in the last month. You all were both compassionate and professional in the way you handled a very difficult situation. We all did everything in our power to make his life as comfortable as possible. The ultimate decision was his and we can have no regrets. Thank you for going above and beyond for my uncle. It is truly appreciated.


Andrea and Bob,

From the first day we met, through the time Hospice took over, you and your staff handled our mom with the upmost respect, human dignity, and truly professional care! Had she met xxx a xxxx herself, we would have had xxx on the xxx much xxxx, but xxxxx knew what xxx ahead and she fought every step of the way.
Saying “Thank you” Doesn’t seem to be enough to commend you for the care she received. XXXXX someone with the matriarch of the family required a curdious team without question. You provided the team while we provided the need.
Every family should know that your staff can do a better xxx of care taking than any xxx home xx the xxx xxx area. You are God’s wink and smile and Senior Solutions was truly a blessing in our lives.
Thank you again for understanding xx needs, and xxxxxx together for the best xxxx

Ron and Diane,

During my father's recent illness, caregivers Taina N. and Vivette P. provided unfailing loving care. They were willing to take that extra step, make corn muffins or reconfigure the routine, to smooth out Dad's day. These two women worked hard and did so with a smile. They became members of the family, and we are grateful to them!

Christine C.J.,