You need a feeding tube, that is a lot to process and it will change your life as you have known it forever.

Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease that makes it hard for you to chew or swallow, or a critical illness such as cancer and do not have the strength to eat an stay healthy may require a feeding tube. Senior Solutions referred Licensed Practical Nurses and or Registered Nurses (LPN or RN) can help you get the nutrition you need and lower your chances of choking by assisting with your feeding tube transition.

If your feeding tube is uncomfortable or painful your trained caregiver (RN or LPN) will help find the answer by adjusting your sleeping position and make extra time to clean and maintain your tube.

Prevent clogs: Your trained caregiver (RN or LPN) will maintain your tube by flushing your tube with the suggested amount of water, as directed, before and after use, including before and after medication administration. She or he will need to flush the tube even on days it may not be used.

Watch for infections: Your trained caregiver will be sure to keep the entry spot on your skin (stoma) where the tube goes into your body clean and dry. She or he will check it every day for irritation, redness, swelling, or infection and will apply any antibacterial ointment after cleaning the area.

Your Diet: You will surely have a special formula with calories and nutrients designed for you.

Senior Solutions referred trained nurses will confer with your doctor, so they can make your formula.  Any medications that you will have to ingest through the feeding tube, your caregiver (RN or LPN) will be available to administer for you.

Even in those times of nausea, cramps or the feeling of discomfort your trained caregiver will be there to help you through this transition.

Your trained caregiver (RN or LPN) will always keep specific notes for you, your family and the doctor for inspection and discussion.


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