The Fun Zone

Keeping your mind active is very important at any age. We understand this and want everyone to have the opportunity to do so. Challenge yourself with a game of Sudoku with 3 levels of difficulty.
It is important to keep your mind active, even if you have limited mobility. Click here to visit facebook’s game center to play your favorite games.
Click here to see all of the parks, sights, and fun areas to see in your area. Your referred care provider will be happy to take you to get some exercise, see the sights, and enjoy what your area has to offer.
Senior Solutions has many events upcoming that you can participate in. Click here to more details on events in your area.
Sometimes it is important to have something nice to think about at the start of the day. Click on the Inspirational quotes link down below to have something thought provoking and nice to think about each day.
Senior Solutions has had many events in the past in which the entire community supported and enjoyed. Click here to see photos of these past events.