Algae Blooms keep popping up in St. Lucie’s Lake Okeechobee as discharge Continues…

Harmful Algal Blooms… known as blue-green algae or Cyanobacteria; harmful algal blooms have severe impacts on human health and aquatic ecosystems, thus, creating economic issues, decreased tourism and property-values.  Algal blooms can be toxic.  It is suggested that humans and pets remain away from water that is green, scummy or has an odor.


The environmental crisis we find ourselves facing did not occur overnight.  It has spanned over fifty years of extreme over-drainage inland.  Listed below for further information are links provided for education and ways you can make a stand and help save and improve our waterways. Once considered the most biologically diverse estuary in all of North America, here you can learn more about the complex issues that surround the degradation of the St Lucie River Estuary.

River Warrior

River Coalition

Board of Martin County Commissioners

Algae Bloom