We wish to thank you for sending Shirley. She has been a great help to me with the laundry, household chores, but most especially, for her help with XXXXXXX.
Thank you very much.

Jean O.,

For over the past year, I have had a very comfortable feeling, knowing that you and your staff were taking such good care of my father, Bob. Once the best combination of caregivers was worked out with my dad, everything seemed to just click into place. He was so please to have your “girls” with him and that is what made his last year such a very good feeling, knowing there was a calm environment for him in his condo. Each staff person who had any involvement with him helped to make his wellbeing the best positive experience it could have been. I know it was especially difficult for Ann, Aubrey, Mary, and Sophia to be with him the last couple of weeks of his life, to watch him declining in health. But they were so important in making him “at home” when he would open his eyes, or hear their familiar voices. Knowing that they were there


All of you have been so nice in such a thoughtful way. It’s hard to find a way to thank each one of you today. But hopefully, this special card will show, at least in part, the many warm and grateful thoughts this brings straight from the heart.
We can’t thank you enough for the professional as well as compassionate care you gave Mom and our family during her illness. She loved all her caregivers. We have the highest praise for your service of the family, with him, and me as well. Please know how extremely grateful I am that each and every one of Senior Solutions was such a vitally important part of his last months. I appreciated all they did for him, more than you can imagine, and that helped me to cope during this difficult time.
With sincere appreciation,


May the world always be as beautiful for you as you make it for others! Thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and love. They have helped so much and to know to have such wonderful people to help me through my pain. My love and thanks to each of you and your families.
God bless you all,

Love Judi,